Academic excellence

The Hutong School teaching methodology is characterised by an early separation of spoken language and character recognition. This is especially useful for learners who are not used to character-based languages. Such an approach enables beginners to feel a sense of achievement early on, which greatly helps to maintain student motivation and engagement.

Our teaching methodology is structured in a way that helps both teacher and student keep track of their progress. Closely aligned with the HSK levels, our approach is broken down into several additional stages, enabling learners to set and achieve goals more frequently during their course.  

We teach beginner, elementary and conversational students using our three-part Hutong School textbook series and character book. These have been developed by our experienced education team and are 100% aligned with our teaching methodology and levels.

Our character book is the ideal supplement to the beginner-level text books and will allow your students to continue using our methodology while practising Chinese characters in their spare time.

E-learning tool kit

Learning a language is an immersive experience that requires exposure to the language in many different ways and at many different times. With Hutong School, Mandarin learners keep learning after they leave the classroom thanks to our comprehensive e-learning tool kit. We have combined some of the best apps and learning tools in the world to form our tool kit. Students can choose between apps for vocabulary, pronunciation, characters, and HSK preparation. As a Hutong School franchisee, all our favorable terms are available to you and therefor to your students.

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