The franchise program

As a Hutong School franchisee, you will receive the full support needed to open your own Hutong School. This will include:

  • Materials for students
  • Marketing materials
  • Bespoke training for you and your team
  • Exposure across our network 
  • Teacher training with our educational department
  • Networking opportunities with other Hutong School owners
  • And more…

Student materials: As a new franchisee, we will make sure that you have everything you need to start your Hutong School and welcome new students. We will provide you with teaching materials, welcome bags and informational materials that you can use to give your students an experience of the highest quality. You will benefit from our continuously updated methodology and teaching materials. You will be authorized to sell Hutong School text books to both your students and other schools in your city and use our proven methodology in your classes. Furthermore, you will receive the same favorable prices to our e-learning tools as we do, making it possible to offer greater value for your students at a low cost.  

Marketing materials:Whether you plan to aim for university partnerships or individual students, you will need to present them with strong marketing materials to secure your clients. We will provide you with a range of materials to support your local marketing efforts and ensure that you maintain a strong brand both B2B and B2C. 

Bespoke training: When you join Hutong School, we will tailor-make your onboarding so as to suit your needs best. We will provide training that focuses on two main areas: education and marketing. This will be adapted to your previous experience, the members of your team, the specificities of your market, and your business plan. 

In total, you will have four full days of training, divided among the key areas of running your Hutong School: teaching students, ensuring educational quality, recruiting suitable staff, reaching new customers, opening partnerships and creating groups for trips. 

Exposure: A strong and broad exposure is among the key components of successfully opening your Hutong School. We create a strong online presence for your location, meaning you will receive equal representation to our other locations. This includes multiple customised pages on the Hutong School website, blog content to promote your city, social media and newsletter blocks. We enjoy excellent SEO and can guarantee that our team will secure a top position for your new business across our online channels. We have consistently ranked in top-3 on Google for every new location we have opened.

At the initial launch, we will create a blog post and newsletter feature to announce your new location and launch a social media introduction campaign to spread the news. Afterwards, we will promote your location through our blog, newsletter and social media on a regular basis. You can also let us know anytime you have news that we can share, e.g. new group classes starting, new school opening, or new team members joining. 

Teacher training:  As a new franchisee, your head teacher will be entitled to receive training at our teaching HQ in Shanghai. Our teacher training program is a service provided to Mandarin teachers both living in China and abroad, and it covers a wide range of methodology, materials and information.  At the end of the training period, the teacher will be proficient in teaching the Hutong School methodology and receive a certificate to demonstrate this. If it is not possible for your teacher to attend our training in Shanghai, we can organize the training online and provide materials for self-study. 

Networking: When you join Hutong School, you join a network of likeminded people who have made a business out of providing life-changing experiences. You will benefit from the experiences of our franchisees from other countries and you will be supported by our HQ every step of the way.  Our vast network of partners can help open doors to new opportunities in your location, and Hutong School alumni from your country can become your brand ambassadors. By joining our network, you get a head start in the industry that would otherwise take years to achieve. 

 Become a trusted partner

Each new Hutong School owner joins our group of entrepreneurs and China enthusiasts. We believe in the power of communication and team work and we value the input and opinions of all members of our group. When you join us, your success becomes our success, and we will help you every step of the way to achieve your ambitions for your new Mandarin school.

This also means that we retain a high degree of flexibility within our program; you know best how your local market works, so we are all ears if you have new ideas or suggestions for how we can support you better. It’s a partnership after all!

The market for Mandarin learning is steadily growing and is projected to continue to grow over the next many years. To give yourself the best possible start in this industry, teaming up with the global leader will offer you a wide range of advantages compared to going it alone. We have already learned from more than 14 years in the industry and we can share our insights with you to give you a head start.

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